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Week-End Review 9/16/22

Well, here we are again! It’s been a couple of weeks, but we’ve been busy here at Coastal Mortgage Solutions.

I think first I’d like to thank everyone for the 5 star reviews. We can’t express enough how excited we are about your feedback. Everyone has been so kind with their words and sharing of their experiences with us. We pride ourselves on our work, and especially on our interactions with you, our clients. We are almost at 200 total google reviews! A milestone we’re ecstatic to meet. 😊 So, all that to say… Thank you. We want to be the number one Mortgage Broker at least in the Golden Isles and surrounding counties, and we have our sights on growing our business and with all those communities.

Being a mortgage broker has its advantages. We can shop your loan with multiple lenders to find the best rate and product for you. A lot of banks and other firms only have one lender they are able to offer mortgage products from.

A cool tool we are able to use right now given the current climate to help our clients is a product called Lock and Shop. We can lock in a rate even without an address (commonly know as a TBD address) so you can rest assured that your rate won’t go up while you shop for a property. Rates have been trending up so this totally gives you peace of mind while you look for that new home.

Stay tuned for more mortgage industry news from us. We keep our finger on the pulse of the real estate market and financial industry to offer you the best mortgage loan for your needs. I plan on sharing more about mortgage products and the advantages of using a mortgage brokerage firm (a.k.a. Coastal Mortgage Solutions).